Chicken Nuggets


Short Description: Chicken Nuggets

Packet Content:  1.0 Kg Chicken Nuggets, Ready to cook

Best for: Pan Fry, Deep Fry, Oven

Main Ingredients: Broiler chicken fillet (55%), water, salt, chicken flavoring, breading flour, wheat, starch wheat, modified wheat, salt, what gluten, leaving agent, pyrophosphate, sodium carbonate, ammonium carbonate, soy protein oil, sunflower, palm, whey glutamate (flavor enhancer), acetic acid (acidity regulator), tapioca starch, pyrophospate (stablizer), sodium isoascorbate (antioxidant), dextrose, sodium glutamate (flavor enhancer),  allspice extract, ginger.

Contains allergens: gluten, soy,and milk products

May contain insignificant quantities of Egg products.

Availability:Out of stock

Availability:Out of stock

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