In this article, we will outline some basic steps to store Fresh meat safely in the fridge (for a short term) or freezer (long term) to stop bacterial growth and to avoid food poisoning. It is important to:

  • Store raw meat in clean, sealed zip lock bags or containers on the bottom shelf of the fridge
  • follow any storage instructions on the label and do not eat meat after its use by date
  • keep cooked meat separate from raw meat and ready-to-eat foods in general

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How to Store Meat in the Fridge

For a short term storage, always keep meat in its original packaging and put it on a plate on the lowest shelf of the fridge. Generally meat should stay well for 2 days at chilled temperature and keeping it on a lowest shelf will contain contamination in the event of any spills or dips.


How to Store Meat in the Freezer

For a long term meat storage in Freezer below 5 Degrees , it is recommended to remove Fresh meat from its original packing and repack in re-sealable plastic bags, namely zip lock bags or airtight containers except ground meat where it is suggested to keep in original packaging.

For a storage longer than a week or in case you like to thaw exact amount of meat when you need, it is important to wrap each piece of meat in plastic wrap before putting it inside re-sealable bags. Keep Meat on the lowest shelf and away from other grocery items.

In general, when you’re freezing raw meat, you want to consider about how you’re going to consume it once it’s thawed. For example, you might want to portion out a 10-pack of Beef Silver Side Steaks so that they don’t all freeze together and become stuck in the same package—you can separate individual cuts by laying them out flat or putting parchment individually between them. The same idea applies to other meats, poultry, seafood, etc., so you can take them out in batches and when required.


How to Thaw Frozen Meat

So you have decided to consume the meat and the next challenge is to safely thaw your meat portion. Consider thawing your meat in the fridge on a plate to avoid any spill. Generally if your meat is up to 1 inch think, it should defrost overnight, however some meats and poultry especially turkey or a roast might take longer.

To speed up the process or to thaw faster, consider placing your meat under cold water faucet in your kitchen, this will keep the outer portion of meat cold until the inner portion is defrosted.


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